The WINIX Technologies SNOWBLADE

Snow plows have been in use for more than 100 years without design improvements to accommodate the requirements for the Transportation Industry. Tractors struggle hooking up to trailers as they lack traction in the snow. Even where snow has been cleared furrows are typically left under the coupling plate making it extremely difficult for tractors to get the traction needed to pull out loaded equipment. This is time consuming and frustrating for everyone as the expectation is that the snow should have been removed during the snow removal process.

At WINIX Developments, we asked how we could improve to make it more efficient. The SNOWBLADE was created to solve the problems of a very active 25 acre facility to move more snow, quicker. The SNOWBLADE has been engineered to gather the snow from the edges of the blade into the center and suspend it in motion while travelling which allows for an increased amount of snow cleared with every pass. Due to the extra wide blade (20’ or 26’) the SNOWBLADE is able to reduce the number of times an operator travels down a laneway, which means your equipment is free faster and ready to move. The SNOWBLADE is a purpose-built tool that has proven to be highly effective to get the most efficient results.

Quick and Efficient