The WINIX Technologies SNOWEDGE

See the SNOWEDGE in Action

Snow on trailer roof tops is a serious problem not only for owners but also for truck drivers as the MTO has become more diligent fining snow laden equipment. During the 2017-2018 snow season, enforcement officers were seen waiting outside major distribution centers watching for trailers weighed down with snow and ice. While working within the Transportation Industry, Mark saw a need and began creating an innovative tool, the SNOWEDGE, which is able to clear 25 trailers within an hour. This tool can clear 3+ feet of snow and up to 4 inches of ice off the trailer roof top, quickly and safely. The SNOWEDGE is revolutionary as it can independently relocate to any location, remove snow from the trailer roof and then with a quick disconnect transfer the accumulation of snow on the ground to a designated area away from the flow of traffic. Being completely mobile allows us the ability to set up anywhere within a yard to perform this process. It also means that our customers are not required to designate an area “no parking” for a stationary unit. Several of our customers have this cleaning process set up in their exit lineup, just prior to drivers passing through security. This expedites the exit process, getting equipment back on the road.

The SNOWEDGE service successfully cleared more than 4,000 trailers at one location during the last season.This snow clearing tool makes safety easier for your fleet and for other motorists on the road.

This snow clearing tool has the ability to mate with several styles of machinery, has a compact design and is fully mobile, making road safety even easier for your fleet. The SnowEdge has been designed to clear snow from the trailer roof top but it has the ability to extend it’s 12’ blade to reach under the front of trailers, clearing snow away from the coupling plate. The equipment operator can disconnect and reconnect the blades from inside the cab, allowing them to stay warm and toasty in the worst weather. No valuable land space is required to store this unit as it can be set up anywhere. This cutting-edge technology will get your fleet back into action quickly.

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